Who we are

Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CVEC) is a public utility, owned by its customers, operating on a cooperative, not-for-profit basis, dedicated for the benefit of its customers in the East Central Region of Oklahoma. Canadian Valley was incorporated on November 10, 1939 and organized under the laws of the State of Oklahoma and the provisions of the United States Rural Electrification Act. Canadian Val ley Electric has since been in continuous business operation (70+ years) of providing electric utility service and meeting the electrical needs of its customers in an area from the Eastern extremes of Oklahoma City to the shores of Lake Eufaula in Eastern Oklahoma. The territory served by Canadian Valley Electric is bounded on the North by the Deep Fork of the North Canadian River and on the South by the South Canadian River. The service area includes approximately 3,500 square miles covering all or parts of the following Counties: Oklahoma, Cleveland, Pottawatomie, Seminole, Lincoln, Creek, Hughes, Okfuskee, Okmulgee and McIntosh.

Canadian Valley Electric's headquarters are located on Interstate 40 at its intersection with US Highway 377 (State Highway 99). CVEC also has a district office located in Eufaula, Oklahoma and an Eastern Area construction and maintenance facility located in Wetumka, Oklahoma. CVEC has invested almost $88 million in electric utility equipment and employs approximately 60 people.

Canadian Valley Electric provides electric utility service to more than 24,000 accounts including Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers. These customers are served from an electric distribution network of more than 5,000 miles of overhead and underground electric distribution lines operating at 25,000 and 12,500 volts. This distribution network is supported by a 138,000 volt transmission system which is interconnected to the Southwestern Power Pool (SPP). Canadian Valley Electric is an owner of Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) which has a diversified generating base of Coal and Natural Gas fired electric generators. WFEC also has a 260 megawatt federal hydroelectric power allocation from the Southwestern Power Administration and a contract for 70 megawatts of wind-power.

Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a public electric utility subject to the rules and regulations of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC). Canadian Valley Electric maintains non-discriminatory retail electric service rates which are on file with and subject to review by the OCC.

Canadian Valley Electric has eight Board Members who act as Trustees for the Cooperative Corporation. Trustees are required to be customers of CVEC receiving electric utility service from the Cooperative within the district they are elected to represent. Trustees are elected for three year terms by and from the customers in the respective district. District Boundaries are reviewed consistent with the CVEC Bylaws to assure equal representation. Each member has one vote in the election of Trustees and all other matter brought before the membership. The Trustees meet monthly to oversee the operations of the cooperative utility and set goals, policies and procedures to insure that the Cooperative is operated for the benefit of its consumer/owners using sound business practices. The operating and capital budgets of the Cooperative are approved annually by the Board of Trustees. The General Manager (CEO) is responsible for operating the Cooperative within the guidelines and budget authorizations set by the Board of Trustees.

Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative was not created for profit but with the purpose of providing the electric utility service needs of its customers/owners. This has not changed in 70 plus years of operation.