Making a Difference

For going on 60 years, Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative has been meeting the needs of Central Oklahoma residents. CVEC's principal goal has always been to provide quality service to our members. Providing service has meant not only dependable, reasonably-priced electricity, but also innovative programs designed to aid our members in the safe, efficient use of electricity.

CVEC is also a community minded organization. In keeping with the spirit of meeting the needs of the communities we serve, CVEC is proud to announce Operation Round-Up. Originally formed in South Carolina by Palmetto Electric Cooperative, this community service program is being implemented by cooperatives nationwide. Designed to gather voluntary contributions to assist worthwhile projects in co-op communities, Operation Round-Up will assist in providing medical care and equipment, food, clothing, housing, and many other needed services. Operation Round-Up will enable you, as a co-op member, to participate in this assistance.

The program is simple. Each month, participating members will allow CVEC to automatically round up their electric bills to the next highest dollar. For example, if the bill is actually $58.25, you will pay $59.00. The difference will go into a fund from which donations are made to individuals and organizations. The average cost, per meter, will be $6.00 a year. The maximum a person could pay per year per meter is $11.88. Individually, it won't be a lot, but in total, the funds will enable the Foundations to fill many needs. The Board of Directors of CVEC Foundation, Inc. will determine who gets these funds.

Operation Round-Up has enormous potential for helping people who desperately need the support of their neighbors. It can also aid rescue squads, volunteer fire departments, daycare centers, literacy programs, senior citizens centers, health clinics, and other services.

Operation Round-Up reminds people of how very far a little generosity and cooperation can go towards improving a person's life. And you can be a part of that improvement.

Questions and Answers

When did Operation Round-Up begin?
January 1, 1999

How do I participate in Operation Round-Up?
Participation is easy. Just pay your bill. The rounding up will be done automatically by the CVEC computer.

Who qualifies for Operation Round-Up?
Any person or organization that lives in the nine-county CVEC service area is eligible.

How will recipients of Operation Round-Up funds be selected?
The eight-member board of directors of the CVEC Foundation will consider all applications for funds and approve or disapprove all requests.

How will I know how the money is being spent?
We will have an Operation Round-Up report in The ElectraLite each month.

Will this money go into the funds at Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative?
No. The CVEC Foundation, Inc. is a trust set up completely separate from Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative and will not receive any of the funds collected from Operation Round-Up.

Will these funds be used to pay people's electric bill?
No. There are other agencies that provide assistance in that manner.