Operation Round Up

Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative members have the opportunity to participate in an innovative program that is truly a community concern in the cooperative spirit. The program provides funding for all kinds of worthy projects in the CVEC service area. It's called Operation Round-Up and it's administered by the Canadian Valley Charitable Trust, a board of community leaders in CVEC's service area who serve on a voluntary basis.

The electric bills of participating CVEC customers are rounded up to the next dollar each month. The extra cents collected form each customer will go into the Round-Up fund. The average customer will contribute about $6.00 per year. If all CVEC customers join in, Operation Round-Up would have more than $120,000 annually for worthwhile projects.

Contributions to Operation Round-Up are tax deductible and we'll note on your contribution on your January electric bill each year. We'll keep you informed through the Electralite news letter on the activities on the Canadian Valley Trust and give updates on monies awarded. All Operation Round-Up funds stay right here in our community. Guide lines for awarding this money address special needs for individuals or families as well as special community projects. Political campaigns and issues will not be considered for funding.

Please be sure to completely fill out the application below. Be specific with your request and detailed with the amount requested. If you need more space than is allotted for the information, please attach a separate sheet. Include a copy of some form of identification for dependent children (i.e social security card, TANF check, etc…) also include the most recent copy of your income tax return. If you are renting we need a copy of the lease enclosed with the application.

We recommend you have someone such as a doctor, counselor, or social worker attach a letter that details the need or purpose of the request. If you have any questions, please call our office at any of the numbers listed on the application and we will try to assist you filling out this paperwork. Incomplete applications may be delayed or denied due to incomplete or insufficient information. You will be notified by mail of the Board’s decision on funding.

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