Automatic Meter Reading

Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative began installing an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system in 2000. It has proven to be a very valuable asset to the Cooperative. With this system we have the ability to read any residential meter at any time provided it has power to it. We take readings every hour which provides information to better analyze usage to determine the best equipment needed. Using AMR also provides the customer with ability to track usage using the MDM explorer.

Deposit Info

A Canadian Valley Electric consumer may be required to post a security deposit. The deposit is calculated at one-sixth of the annual billing, which is equal to two month’s bills. This deposit will automatically be refunded with accrued interest after a one year anniversary date of the account showing no more than two late payments within that twelve month period.


Canadian Valley Electric offers 5 convenient ways to pay.

  • Pay in person
  • Mail in your payment
  • Pay by phone 24/7 (855)875-7166
  • Pay online
  • Automatic payments

We offer 32 locations, not including CVEC offices, so no matter where you live you will always be close to a pay station. (see map below)

Don't feel like going outside? CVEC has that covered with Smarthub. With Smarthub, you can make a one-time-payment using a credit or debit card.

Technology not your thing? CVEC has that covered as well with good old-fashioned snail mail.

You can eliminate the hassles of check writing, finding a postage stamp and worrying if your payment reaches us on time by setting up a recurring payment using SmartHub. Contact CVEC's Customer Service department for more information.

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IMPORTANT!! Each month your bank account will be drafted 10 days after billing.

Below is a map of pay stations. Click any point for address and phone number.